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October 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This past weekend I traveled to a sawmill in PA that is engaged with my client's company, which creates stunning pieces of furniture using live edge wooden slabs.  Wooden Slabs take years to dry properly, my client built a small photo booth that I was able to use for photographing most of the items.  With this being an Amish operation, there was no access to electricity in the converted chicken house for running lights, etc.  Fortunately I had access to a generator that could run the AlienBee SB800, which was sync'd to the onboard flash (SB800) on a D800.  It was still a tough shoot, photo booth is a tad small for large pieces, which should be photographed three-dimensional (side, front and top).  After each item I swept the floor as the forklift wheels often left some dirt behind.  The photo booth color was a shade of blue, I had envisioned a dark grey.  Using the flashes often produced an awful shadow that I had to work around.  Oh - and it was hot in the chicken house. The Amish men that helped me setup each item to shoot were fantastic to work with, wonderful people!



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