Fine Art Prints by Andreas Mueller: Blog en-us Copyright (C) Andreas Mueller (Fine Art Prints by Andreas Mueller) Wed, 27 Jun 2018 16:35:00 GMT Wed, 27 Jun 2018 16:35:00 GMT Fine Art Prints by Andreas Mueller: Blog 120 101 Close To Paradise Recently I had the opportunity to visit Bermuda after having participated in the Annapolis To Bermuda (A2B) offshore race.  The race itself was an adventure, I am so thankful to my skipper and crew to have been able to be a part of this race.

Being able to stay in Bermuda with Shiloh's Crew and family members was a treat.  We rented scooters and essentially explored many of the islands' sites. Here is a tease of some shots I really liked, I will add a gallery here soon.


Dark And StormyDark And Stormy First BeachFirst Beach Jobs CoveJobs Cove Jobs Cove2Jobs Cove2 LocalsLocals New KidsNew Kids One PersonOne Person Pano1Pano1 Resort1Resort1 TracksTracks WhalerWhaler


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BMW Tech Day, Auburn IN Roger and his family graciously offered to hold a BMW Tech-Day at their sprawling estate near Auburn, IN over the Mother's Day weekend. This was an absolutely fantastic event, my favorite Tech-Day so far.

My long weekend began Thursday afternoon with a ride from Annapolis, MD to DuBois, PA where I met Lew and RJ at the DuBois diner near the DuBois Manor Motel.  I decided to ride the Triumph Explorer, still barely broken in with 479mi on the odometer. I need to test this bikes' "long-distance" touring capability and to see about its ergonomics and general handling characteristics while lightly loaded with camping gear and clothing for 3 days, the travelling bar, etc.  The ride to DuBois was largely uneventful, hit the usual traffic snarls around Frederick, MD. I also rode in some light rain, which in my recollection did not warrant putting on my raingear.  There was one small scare as I pulled in to get fuel, hit the throttle a bit too hard and spun the rear tire, luckily caught it in time before dumping the bike.  I immediately put the bike into "Rain" mode, lesson learnt here. Throttle input is much more tame on this setting. I was chasing the rain for several more hours, mostly able to dodge it.

IMG_7342IMG_7342 IMG_7344IMG_7344

I pulled into the Motel around 8:30pm, met up with RJ and Lew for dinner.  Establishment was closing but kindly opened their doors and allowed me to order, I splurged on a delicious cheeseburger, onion rings and a cold beer.

IMG_7349IMG_7349 IMG_7362IMG_7362

After we caught up and dinner was devoured we took the short ride back to the hotel and parked as obnoxious as the a-hole that double-parked their truck taking 2 spots in front of our room. (These photos were taken the following morning)

P1270937P1270937 P1270944P1270944

The room was the typical low-budget affair that we treat ourselves to, it was clean and mostly functional (toilet flapper - not so much!l), The decor was probably left over from the 60's or 70's.

IMG_7385IMG_7385 P1270951P1270951 P1270954P1270954 While taking a break I noticed that RJ is able to turn his ankles about 90 degrees, he blames it on the many motel room nights with the sheets tucked in tightly at the foot of the bed (which I always kick mine so hard that my feet are not in any way constrained). Try it, can you bend your ankles like that while at rest?

IMG_7366IMG_7366  I offered to break out the bar and made us a Malibu Rum/Orange Vodka, Water and Tang mixer (sadly there was no ice to be had here). We later coined this drink to be the "Dirty Moon Putin".  It quite good - don't judge unless you tried it!

IMG_7367IMG_7367 The following morning we awoke early at 6am, stuck our noses out of the door to do a weather check, were a bit surprised how brisk of a morning it was but at least there was a visible sunrise.  We mushed on with RJ in the lead, until now on his third and final reserve I decided to get in front of him and for him to draft behind me, even is now only making 65mph or so. We took an exit and with RJ back in the lead, he passed two gas stations and kept going. Well,  for about another 1/2mile or so, until he ran out of gas. Turns out he was aiming to make an Ethanol Free Fuel gas station literally .6mi away.  After a few failed attempts to siphon fuel from the Triumph, Lew suggested that he head to the nearby Napa Auto Parts store to see what he could scrounge up.  I got on my bike to see if the advertised gas station was indeed a short distance away and open (to gauge how much fuel would have to be siphoned). It was close and open for business, so i returned with that good news.  Upon my return, Lew proudly displayed his loot (a 1 quart can of 4 Cycle Ethanol free fuel - the irony of this is funny, considering that quart cost $7, after Lew's Napa discounts).  Back on the road we made it to the gas station, filled up and i re-filled the "fuel can" in case we needed it again. Lesson learnt:  Don't fill up the can to the brim, as i did (a: it needs room to expand, b. without a funnel it is impossible to pour)  

P1270960P1270960 P1270967P1270967 IMG_7391IMG_7391 IMG_7393IMG_7393 IMG_7394IMG_7394

We skipped breakfast in order to hit the JibJab Hot Dog place in Girard, OH.  Had a nice breakfast and coffee, Lew and I were shivering a bit, I guess the 52 degrees was slowly sapping our body heat. Time to layer up and put on the rain gear (I didn't bring much else to wear).  Lesson learnt: When riding in the spring, always pack the heated vest.

IMG_7398IMG_7398 IMG_7399IMG_7399 IMG_7406IMG_7406 We pounded out the remaining miles, only stopping for fuel and short breaks.  We arrived at Roger's and pulled the bikes into his huge barn, where other attendees were already enjoying Rogers' hospitality.  The "barn" is simply fantastic and would serve as our headquarters for until Sunday. 


"Sledge" (Boxer/Mastiff mix) might just be the friendliest dog in Indiana, this was a fairly common scene throughout the weekend, Sledge looking and receiving attention from everybody in attendance. IMG_7416IMG_7416

After quick introductions and looking over the bikes already there, we cleared out 4 bikes (into the house garage nearby) so that a table and chairs could be setup for dinner, etc. Don Beverage soon arrived and the party was pretty much "on". Meet Don, the Indiana Airmarshal and an all-around great guy.  IMG_7420IMG_7420  Later, Don looked at Brian's R80/7 electrical issues.  Cool bike which has an RS fairing mounted.  Brian asked if I wanted to take the bike for a quick test ride, I gladly obliged (he had some concers about proper clutch engagement), etc. Nice to ride an airhead again after the 500+ miles on the Triumph.

P1270990P1270990 P1280115P1280115 Roger & Holly served up a nice dinner with Hot Dogs, Burgers, Chile, Macaroni salad, beans, etc.  Fantastic spread.  Roger's kids joined us in the barn with some of their friends, later we joined them around the roaring firepit. 


A good time was had by all, some of us stayed up until early Saturday morning.  Only Don & Brian pitched tents, the rest of us found floor space in the barn to inhabit - some of us in nicer style then others.

Holly served Eggs, potatoes, bacon, coffee and Bloody Mary's. And so the day started out for me ... 


Kind of funny, Saturday during the day Sledge would find and make himself a little nest in sleeping gear abandoned for the day.


After breakfast Don herded us back into the barn so that the Tech Day could commence and wrenching could start in earnest. We addressed various things on a few bikes, fork springs on the R80/7, and final drive fluid leak fix on Joel's R65LS.  There were some trailer repairs being made.

P1280111P1280111 P1280117P1280117 P1280135P1280135 P1280143P1280143 P1280158P1280158 P1280161P1280161 P1280168P1280168 P1280189P1280189 P1280192P1280192 P1280201P1280201

I took a few prom photos for the family.


Others ran out to acquire more malted beverages, ice and O-rings needed for the R65 repair. It began sprinkling a bit, I tended to a few more pitures on the farm before the rains came in earnest.

P1280224P1280224 P1280226P1280226 P1280231P1280231 P1280238P1280238 P1280242P1280242 P1280246P1280246 So far we had been quite lucky with the weather.  Don decided to take his GS into a field for a bit of dirt riding, i joined in on the Triumph.  After a bit of fun we headed back to the ranch, I got lucky not to have dumped the bike as we excited the field and headed onto the gravel road.


With all bike repairs having been completed, we ordered pizza and had another fun evening of telling stories, drinking - you know the usual airhead Tech-Day BS.


P1280344P1280344 P1280349P1280349 P1280353P1280353   

We spent hours around the fire and also ran out for a bit to assist with a flat tire. 

P1280357P1280357 Sunday morning came way too early (had some torrential downpours during the night.  I left Roger's at 08:10am in light drizzle, rode 680mi in various states of humidty / wetness.  Was home by 19:45, 1800mi on the odometer.  What a great weekend!


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PA Airmarshal SpecTech day What a great Easter weekend.  Decided to ride the new Triumph to a Spectech Spline Lube day held by the PA Airmarcshal Rob and employing some of his fine friends to put this on.  Very nice event, we had great weather and a very nice turnout.  The subject was a 1971 BMW R75/5, the transmission was removed in no time and the proper spline lube procedure was discussed.   

P1270065P1270065 P1270086P1270086



We also covered the following:

Air Filter inspection and replacement
Getting the gear box out painlessly  
Proper application of the spline lube 
Swing arm bearing greasing 
Swing arm alignment and bearing torque 
Driveshaft bolts torque  
Driveshaft boot placement 
Rear Brake adjustment
Proper Clutch adjustment
Throw out bearing cleaning and inspection

After the bike was successfully re-assembled, folks lingered and visited, looked at some of the bikes rode, etc.  Just a great event.

RJ looked over my new bike, I'm pretty sure he likes it!


There was a brief demo on how to secure a BMW transmission on a 1977 R100RS.  


Rob, RJ and I went for a nice Mexican dinner, after which Rob and I stayed until the early morning hours solving various First World problems.  Easter Sunday Rob took me to a diner for breakfast, after which we headed to Lawnview Cemetery to pay our respects to Mr. Karl Duffner. 

I had a mostly uneventful ride home, while unloading the bike I noticed that the Dealer installed aftermarket Arrow exhaust has worked itself out of the headers.  Interesting.  Put it back together, canister is now a little scratched, not 100% pleased, but it is an adventure bike, it's going to get ratty eventually.

My favorite picture from this weekend was this cool mannequin wearing a helmet and goggles.

The StoryThe StoryTotally digging this


More event photos here



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First Ride 11 March 2018:

Finally had a bit of time to take the Triumph for a little ride, this bike continues to impress on all levels. My only "gripe" so far is that the clutch engages a bit late, i tend to over throttle just a tiny bit, which I need to make an adjustment for (might be a setting I can change on the clutch lever).  The bike is just FUN to ride.  The brakes are incredible.  The "immediate" power on throttle input is remarkable. Cant wait to take her on the first long ride. Officially naming her Blue Angel 2.  

First Ride1First Ride1 First Ride2First Ride2 First Ride3First Ride3Naming her Blue Angel 2   


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Thank You Harley Davidson! Harley Davidson continues to amaze me with their "elitist" attitude.

I removed the front wheel of one of my BMW bikes to take it to a motorcycle shop to have an inter tube installed.  I walked into the local Harley Davidson dealership and the service guy asked what I need, I replied with "I need this inter tube installed on this wheel".   He replied:  "Is it off of a Harley?" I proudly proclaimed that it wasn't, and what why would THAT matter, it's a friggin wheel that needs an inter tube".  He responded with: "Sorry man, it's not off of a Harley, we can't do it".  WOW - amazing ... I turn to walk out with a "WTF" look.  Just before I reaching the door, the service guy suggests I try Chesapeake Cycles just down the street.

So while there waiting to have my wheel serviced (they had no issue with this being off of a BMW), I had a chance to look around the showroom and put a deposit down on this ...



Thank you Harley Davidson for leading me down this path.  I have 4 BMW's, heck look forward to introducing another brand into my garage.  This elitist Harley mentality is pathetic ..., I doubt I will ever own one, and clearly I am not worthy to own that brand anyway. Oh, and get this - as I'm ready to leave I want to square up for the wheel repair and they told me to not worry about it - WOW.       

Ok, gotta run and test ride this bike.  Maybe if I don't like it, I'll buy a Harley instead - yeah right - fat chance.          

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1917 Lee Enfield SHTLE Mk III* Trying to do a little bit of research on a Lee Enfield rifle I purchased years ago at a gun show. When I left active duty military service I thought it would be neat to begin a collection of the "go to" infantry rifles from various conflicts.  My collection started with the rifle listed here, a 1917 Lee Enfield Short Mk III*  (but then partially converted back to a III).  It is chambered for the British .303 cartridge, the action is the smoothest of just about any bolt action rifle I have used. The rifle is very accurate and packs a bit of a recoil, a formative infantry rifle for sure.

I would love to know a bit more about the various markings on this rifle, especially the ones that might indicate if this rifle has been issued to units that actually might have seen action during WWI (or WWII).  If anyone has knowledge about the potential military history of this rifle after seeing some of the markings, please let me know.


So, here is what I have gathered so far:

Make: Lee-Enfield, Year: 1917, Model: SHT Mk III* (but partially converted back), Sn: 24183, Receiver: SSA

And immediately it gets fuzzy. I believe there was an asterisk symbol after the III which has been struck through.  From what I gather, this means that this rifle was converted back to an MK3 in some regard. Mine does not have the magazine cut-off, but it does have the volley sight.


The receiver is stamped SSA (Standard Small Arms), with additional markings stamped above the SSA that I can't decipher (I suppose these were added when it was refurbished)? I did find some decent information that Alan referenced here:  further detail on Standard Small Arms


Opposite the SSA there are these markings: The left wristband marking indicates RIF 1924, which I assume to indicate some sort of "factory refurbish" activity?  Refurbished where?  What parts in particular? This of course could indicate that this rifle did see some action during WWI, and required to be refurbished! 


Despite the refurbish, it appears that most parts with stamped SN's remain with this rifle.  The only non-matching Serial Number I see is on the nosecap.  Of course the existing Serial Numbers are not without issue, case in point on the image below, the "4" in 24183 appears to have been struck over.  


Also, the word "England" may have an "S" stamped over the "L".  This is interesting, as the rear volley leaf sight also appears to have an "S" above the Serial Number as you will see in a a few images below this one.  

P1260796P1260796  The bolt appears to be marked 24183 as well.

Lifting the rear sight leaf also reveals an "S" with 24183 below it (with an additional number of: 8945 with a "B" above it, but with the letter and numbers having been struck out). Still looking at the underside of the Volley Sight, there also is this stamp, which I believe reads:  EFD 9L with the broad arrow above it


On the right side of the rear sight assembly, I found the following marks:

On the nosecap I can see this Serial Number: 39818

The front sight bears this:


Since there were so many markings partially obscured by the furniture, I decided to disassemble the rifle which provided me with an almost obscene amount of additional Inspector and proof? marks on the barrel.

I would love to know what 14D35 means in the image below.  Almost as if this was another Serial Number?  This is getting confusing ...

Would love to know what the  "* N" and the '17 mean in the shot below.

So this picture below has me scratching my head:  Is that not the Ishapore marking of ERI (with a poorly struck "E")?  I suppose this would explain the import mark of "England", when the rifle came back to England?

The following image contains so much data:  On the left, the Import mark "England", struck through with the letter "S" that the Serial Number below has been renegated to be sold in the commercial market. To the right of the #3, (NP).  In the right portion of the image, we again see the "S" above the 24183 Serial Number, but in between we see the .303, which indicates that the rifle fired a .303 projectile, the case max overall length was 2.22 in inch’s and it was pressure tested to 18.5 tons. The NP stood for Nitro Proof, we see the London Proof House Nitro Proof mark, meaning it was tested and passed Nitro proofing.  (Whatever THAT means).  I'm not sure on the Crown with the A6 RE below it.

The Letter "Z" in the receiver, close to the magazine


Several markings on the bolt:

P1260730P1260730 P1260725P1260725

P1260814-2P1260814-2 Of course, the more I look at the bolt markings, now i also see a faint 'W" and then perhaps some symbols to the right of the #3

P1260811-2P1260811-2 And then there are these additional markings:

I have no clue as to what that stamp means ....

According to Stratton, "H.V." stands for high velocity, a mark stamped on rifles that had had the rear sight altered for the Mark VII bullet with its faster 174 grain bullet.  The "S.C." stands for small cone:  the forcing cone was lengthened 0.02 inches at the same time to improve accuracy.  Stratton terms these stampings the second variation, found on later Mark III and Mark III* rifles. P1260802P1260802 Any help would be appreciated! 

I found the following websites especially useful, this one being poss. the best:  All About Enfields 

My rifle bears the SSA markings which apparently make it a bit rare.  More on the "Peddle Scheme"

Decent references to various markings:  Another reference link for various markings

More Info on a SSA Peddle Scheme rifle: SSA 1918 SHTLE

Decent link with more good information:  Check out for further reference

All about Serial Numbers:  Serial Number reference


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CRV Winter Banquet The 2018 motorcycle rally season is opening with a very fun weekend that was had while attending the Connecticut River Valley Riders Winter Banquet.  Friday night Lew and I sampled a few malted beverages at Lew's favorite local brewery, Cox Brewing Company a Veteran owned Nano Brewery in Elizabethtown, PA. This place is a must visit if you support veterans, enjoy great micro brew and don't mind running into some really nice staff and beer connoisseurs.



RJ arrived a bit later in the evening, we adjourned to Lew's garage for a cigar, more beer and some fine Port wine.

RJ Lew and AndyRJ Lew and Andy

Saturday morning came way too soon, we finished packing the truck and headed north to Connecticut.  Our first stop of mention was the Blackie's Hot Dog Stand in Cheshire, CT. We bellied up to the bar and soon enjoyed custom recipe hot dogs, made exclusively for Blackie’s by Martin Rosol's of New Britian, CT.  I topped mine with Pepper Relish and Mustard, terrific early lunch.



We headed on to Waterbury to visit Holy Land, a defunct religious theme park that RJ mentioned might be worthy of a visit.  RJ never dissapoints with these odd site's we tend to visit, this place was no exception.  My only regret is, that I didn't bring my better photo gear.  We trudged around onsite for maybe 40 minutes, marveled at the site of the huge cross overlooking Waterbury.

Holy Land 3Holy Land 3 Holy Land2Holy Land2

We mushed on to our gracious hosts and arrived by 2pm.  Relaxed for a bit before Partyrider Frank Podgewaite suggested that we should go for a quick plane ride.  Lew and I jumped up and took Frank to the local airport where Frank quickly retrieved the Cessna out of it's impeccable hanger stall.  Before we knew it, we were buckled in, headsets mounted and after a short taxi found ourselves waiting for take-off clearance, which came after a minute or two. Frank skillfully guided us onto the runway and after a very short of take-off run we were heading towards the Connecticut river to check out the ice floats. Had a very nice smooth flight during which I constantly inquired about the functions of the many instruments in the cockpit.  I am and always have been fascinated with all things aviation, this was a very special treat, thank you Frank!

CessnaCessna CockpitCockpit Frank & AndyFrank & Andy Setting StuffSetting Stuff Cessna and HangerCessna and Hanger

By the time we returned back to Frank's, the mystery guest (Diane Pratt) has arrived.  She would be joining us at the for the banquet and stay through Sunday to also go flying with Frank.  Penny treated us to various tasty h'ordeuvres as she has in years past.


We headed to the banquet at the Polish National Home in Hartford and had a very nice time.  

Polish National HomePolish National Home BrainfishBrainfish RJ and LewRJ and Lew

Sunday we got a late start and headed south, I dropped Lew and RJ off, and headed home myself.  



]]> (Fine Art Prints by Andreas Mueller) 177b 1973 82nd ale amber banquet beer brew brewing cardinal cbc cessna company connecticut cox cross crv ct elizabethtown frank holy home horvatic jc land micro n34557 nano national pa partyrider podgewaite polish religious riders river sr-71 valley waterbury winter Mon, 22 Jan 2018 17:42:52 GMT
Endeavour - More Than Brighter Some of my thoughts and pictures on adding auxiliary lights on "Endeavour", a '93 BMW R100 GSPD, while staying below a self-imposed budget of $200. 

Now that the pesky final drive oil leak appears to be fixed, I will move on and install some auxiliary lights.  A few months ago I replaced the stock headlight with an H4 R3 LED unit, it is great but still not sufficient (high beam is - low beam driving light in my view could be better).  Sep. 2017 I decided to leave my home in Annapolis for the Finger Lakes BMW rally at 9pm, and rode through the late night to arrive early morning at 02:30am.  Often I was the only vehicle on the road, the many deer carcasses reminded me to get some more lights mounted on this bike, since it might become the bike that gets the nod over others that have taken up residence in my garage. 

I used to have a set of PIAA 55's on my K1100LT, those were excellent for night time riding.  It appears that the LED light market has quite a few offerings, will go that route since I'm not in the mood to upgrade the 280W charging system yet, so keeping an eye on the consumed wattage will be important.

Of course, lights and switches should also be water-resistant so I'm trying to satisfy an IP-68 or IP-69 rating.  Our good friends from China have a few offerings on the eBay market that peak my interest.  I also checked out Clearwater, Twisted Throttle, Baja Designs, Advmonster and Touratech, most of their offerings range between $950 and $200, while I'm certain their products are great, are they better by several hundred dollars? 

We will see ...  I don't tend to ride that much at night anymore, these lights will primarily serve as daytime running lights.  I also want a mixture of LED's and at least one good ole' Halogen "spotlight", in case I were to lose the main headlight and needed a precise beam pattern.  So the fun begins.

Set # 1: MATCC 12V 125W 3000LMT

I had high hopes for this set but realized the limited install possibilities with the "built" in brackets not being adjustable enough for the roo bar install location. Gave up on these fairly quickly for the GS, might be able to use them on another bike.  $19.50 just squandered away - lol.

Set #2: Ultra Auto Parts, IP68 6" 30W CREE LED Light Bar

Two considerations here:  A.  This light could serve as a work light, and will be installed with that in mind (i.e. easily detached with hopefully some excess cabling) to use the light to help a friend in need, etc.  Will probably be wired directly to the battery and operated with an on/off switch. B. This light bar will emit a light pattern other than the regular "round" headlight look, hopefully a person will do a double-take to figure out "What is THAT coming at me?" If that is the case, then this project was successful.  Not bad for $15.79, although I will probably only use one, or have the second light already ready to go with connectors and a long cable ...  ideas, ideas ...  Simple plug and play, not having to dismantle the existing light bracket!

Set #3: Unbranded, 40W 3000LM IP67

One set of lights should be installed on the 1in diameter roo bar, since this set also includes the mounting hardware (which is fully adjustable), this will be a fairly straightforward install. These also claim to be "More Than Brighter" - what a deal for $62.05.

More Than BrighterMore Than Brighter I'm not certain that these will be powerful enough for nighttime riding.  I will update this thread as I move along.

Tying it all together: Unbranded, 12V 40A Harness Wiring Loom with Relay and switch

I ordered 2 of these, one with a red switch, the other with a blue one.  This harness has 10ft of wire, each has it's own relay with fuse. I plan to shorten the wiring looms for a "custom" fit, no need to stow several feet of unneeded wire. The two wiring looms were $17.52.   

wiring loomwiring loom

During the 2016 winter i installed a voltage indicator utilizing a relay and a power distribution terminal strip.  Since the voltage indicator is a simple LED drawing virtually no amps, i should be able to run at least one set of lights tied to the existing distribution block housed under the tank. The Voltage indicator is slick, the single LED will turn Red when Battery is draining (at idle), and turn yellow when the system is overcharging.  During normal operation the LED is not illuminated.  


terminal stripterminal strip

I had to order a bracket to properly mount the 6in LED light bar on the crash bar, so there went another $7.  I ended up purchasing another light to be installed on the opposing side (also on the crash bar) this light being a somewhat traditional round rally light: KC 1490 Hilites 4" Rally 400 55W Halogen

This presumably will be my night time running light with 40000 candlepower.  Coupled with the H4 R3 LED headlight on high beam, and the 6in LED light this should provide plenty of light.

So in November 2017 I finally headed into the garage to work on getting these guys mounted and wired up. Installing the first set on the roo bar, getting it all wired up, and right of the bat one light does not work ...  Great.  Checked and rechecked the wiring, without doubt the issue is with the light. This "More Then Brighter" claim appears to be a farce.  

LED Light issueLED Light issue

After a short email exchange I had another light shipped to me, no cost to me, of course since it is coming from China it took a little while to arrive.  This gave me plenty of time to decide on how to mount the light switches and to start trimming up the 15ft of each wiring harness that is clearly overkill.    

Updates to foillow - hoping everyone has a great Thanksgiving and Christmas. 


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Wood'n Slabs This past weekend I traveled to a sawmill in PA that is engaged with my client's company, which creates stunning pieces of furniture using live edge wooden slabs.  Wooden Slabs take years to dry properly, my client built a small photo booth that I was able to use for photographing most of the items.  With this being an Amish operation, there was no access to electricity in the converted chicken house for running lights, etc.  Fortunately I had access to a generator that could run the AlienBee SB800, which was sync'd to the onboard flash (SB800) on a D800.  It was still a tough shoot, photo booth is a tad small for large pieces, which should be photographed three-dimensional (side, front and top).  After each item I swept the floor as the forklift wheels often left some dirt behind.  The photo booth color was a shade of blue, I had envisioned a dark grey.  Using the flashes often produced an awful shadow that I had to work around.  Oh - and it was hot in the chicken house. The Amish men that helped me setup each item to shoot were fantastic to work with, wonderful people!


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Celebrating Hans A. Muth's Silver Daughter 40th Anniversary BMW R100RS Rally, Sept 14-17 2017

Celebrating Hans A. Muth's "Silver Daughter"

Personally, this is THE premier motorcycle event for me for this year, heck possibly of a lifetime! Here is a fantastic write-up by Todd Trumbore about how this event came to be.  

Following is my personal account and perspective of this event.

Thursday morning I met up with fellow Maryland Airhead BMW enthusiasts, all of them riding an R100RS. Thankfully I was able to recently fix my faulty ignition switch and was able to ride my R100RS, with the fun twist being that my bike's Serial Number is 6180040 (40th bike produced). My bike called "Wings" is the third bike from the left. RJ(2) finished his R100RS just in a nick of time for the rally, his is the Silver Blue bike on the far right, also sporting a 9 gallon Heinrich tank sourced from the UK. 

Let's RollLet's RollMD Airhead contingent Many other enthusiasts of this model are already heading to the event from all corners, some ride reports were trickling in - this will be an EPIC event! Sadly Brook Reams from Colorado experienced a sad tip over, followed by a near fatal transmission issue that left him momentarily stranded. In typical airhead fashion, assistance soon arrived and he was able to still bring his restored R77 to the rally, with Tom Cutter addressing the transmission after the rally.

We enjoyed a beautiful ride via the Eastern Shore of MD, avoiding most of the slab and traffic, stopped at Schaefer's Canal House in Chesapeake City for lunch and then mushed onto Harleysville, PA.

P1240074P1240074 P1240068P1240068 IMG_3402IMG_3402 We arrived at Todd's around 3pm and were checked in by Laura.  I saw several R77's as we checked in, had to get off my bike and take some pictures right away - as a photographer I was so looking forward to seeing so many R100RS's in one place, AND to be able to meet Hans Muth - Epic.

Getting Checked InGetting Checked InMy crew is getting checked in

The HerdThe HerdFive R100RS's greeting us as soon as pulled into the rally site

The rest of the rally can be best described as sensory overload, meeting so many nice folks, seeing the many variants of R100RS's and other bikes, being able to speak German again with Hans, Jochen, Harriett and Tommy.

DSC_0439DSC_0439 Tommy (Siebenrock's photographer) and I became fast friends, we setup a couple of photo shoots and shared many laughs over the next few days.

DSC_0686Tommy WeintzWhat a fun and talented guy

DSC_0683DSC_0683Jochen, Harriett and Tommy (l to r)

The Siebenrock's and Tommy (pictured above) are the nicest couple you will meet, of course some of us drilled Jochen on a few items we might like to see him add to his lineup of products. Didn't get to talk much too Udo Gietl, but very much enjoyed the presentation he gave.

The Line-up of first year R100RS's (R77 as we sometimes refer to them) was impressive, with Serial Number 1 stealing the show.  Tommy and I had some fun lining up the bikes to our liking and having a photo shoot.  

DSC_0484-Edit-EditDSC_0484-Edit-EditQuite a few R77's in the lineup

Hans A. Muth sitting on Serial Number 6180001!  It just doesn't get any better then this! DSC_0505-Edit-EditDSC_0505-Edit-EditHans on Serial Number 1

Being able to spend some time with Hans was just a treat.  His presentations were second to none, so nice to hear about certain design aspects of these machines right from the founding father. The trials and tribulation to sell his ideas to BMW Senior Leadership. The explanation for the color choice (and finish) and pinstripe color.  His display of witty humor as he described the 1 1/5 seat design. Pictured below, Hans and I were discussing the beautiful lines of Todd's 250cc Mondial. 

P1240409Hans Muth and IHans Muth and I looking at a beautiful Mondial 200cc and discussing her sexy lines.

Many heartfelt thanks to Todd and Laura, whom have worked tirelessly for a couple of years on logistics and site prep to make this happen, thank you for the hospitality, it was the best rally I personally have attended.  Many thanks to Dr. Sue and Dave, Kimberly and sadly other support staff whose names I did not get.  Thank you Mac and Bob Henig, and many thanks to the distinguished guests Ed Bach, Udo Gietl, Tom Cutter, Tommy Weinz, Jochen and Harriett Siebenrock and of course the man of the hour (or 4 decades) - Hans Muth.

Click here for more images


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43rd Annual Finger Lakes BMW Rally More Images Here:

It is time again to head out to my favorite rally of the year, the 43rd Annual Finger lakes BMW rally.  Always enjoyed travelling to this area, quaint little towns nestled around the Finger Lakes, some great riding, good eateries and always a fun rally.



IMG_3091IMG_3091 Before beginning to pack the bike, I noticed the front tire (newly installed Metzeler Tourance) being flat.  WTF - Looked around the bead, and noticed that a few of the rubber "nipples" are stuck in between the rim and the bead, that is precisely where it is leaking from.  A bit disappointed considering a local BMW shop mounted the tires for me ...  I checked and determined the tire to leak about 2lbs/hr, so I could make the run to Finger Lakes while stopping once to top off the air.  So I continued to pack the bike and got it ready for a 9pm departure (100% chance of rain on Saturday), if I leave Friday night I should be staying mostly dry.   

After a decent run, I was on the rally grounds at 02:20am, not too bad considering I made one brief stop to check front tire and luggage, then a longer stop for fuel, to put on another lay of clothing (it was downright cold).  

Just barely parked the bike onsite and was greeted by a few friends that immediately took me to the fire to warm up, which was perfect. The party was pretty much on, had mostly really nice weather, saw old friends, made new ones and had many laughs. Got to see an Avett Brothers Concert, made two trips to the Penn Yan Diner for some great breakfast fare. Another great Finger Lakes Rally in the books!




P1230901P1230901 IMG_3116IMG_3116

P1230909P1230909 P1230914P1230914

P1230965P1230965 IMG_3136IMG_3136 IMG_3164IMG_3164 IMG_3176IMG_3176

Click here for more images




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WNR Series III Click here For More Images!

After locking in a great Performance in WNR Series I & II, Series III has proved to be interesting to say the least.  Fortunately Team Xiberger secured a first place in the first race in this Series.  We then had multiple cancellations due to no wind, and even too much wind.   During one race we finished in first place, not realizing the race was actually cancelled sometime after the start. This last race we started, and had the race cancelled a few minutes after our start.  So we went sailing anyway, heck even flew the Spinnaker, had a wonderful evening aboard Xiberger and enjoyed this sunset.


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R100RS 40th Anniversary Celebration at Bob's BMW Click Here For More Images:

19 Aug 2017

The fine folks at Bob's BMW partnered with the BMW Motorcycle Owners Of America to host a 40th Anniversary Celebration for yet another model designed by Hans Muth, the R100RS.  Bob has his personal R100RS on display, he and Paul gave us a historical recap on how this machine came to be, and some of it's (then) state of the art design features (wind tunnel designed fairing).  

The first 40 riders signed in were treated to a fantastic crab cake lunch from the Flash CrabCake Company.  I'm a huge fan of Jerry's Seafood Crab Cakes, I have to admit these are just about as good!

Sadly my R100RS exhibited an ignition switch failure on the way to Bob's, limped her home and went with the GSPD instead, while already at Bob's I elected to replace the horrible TKC80's with Metzeler Tourance tires.  Nice ride improvement for sure - but not perfect - read about it in the Finger Lakes blog ....

Bob opened his museum for tours, there were door price drawings and Mark L's R100RS Motorsport took the people's choice award.  What a great event, thank you for hosting this Bob!

Here a few images, click on the link below to see more!








 Click here for more images

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Golden Age Of Airheads Rally For more images, click here!

This past weekend I loaded the R100 GSPD and headed to the Airhead gathering at the Golden Age Air Museum in Bethel, PA (Grimes Airfield). This is an annual event which I only recently learned about, what a fantastic venue and location! Mixing motorcycles, aircraft and being in company of good and like minded friends makes this a first rate event. 


Friday evening, those of us that got the meal ticket were treated to a delightful dinner prepared by Mark L, Will and John (and I'm sure others), so thank you all!


A great time was had by all, despite the "biblical" downpour and incredible wind gusts Friday night. Only one bike tasted the Grimes mud, was quickly righted and parked under the Picnic Shelter. Some of us stayed up and partied well past the last drop of rain fell from the sky early in the morning.

Mudd'NMudd'NRob took his bike mudd'n during a biblical downpour.

Saturday morning's coffee and doughnuts were long gone after I finally got up at 8am, head pounding and overall moving a bit slowly. Mark F and I took a quick ride to the local Sheetz for some breakfast and coffee.  I tacked on a quick local ride, and found a couple of spots that reminded me so much of Europe.  Pennsylvania is a beautiful state, especially in the less populated areas.



Quite a few more folks trickled in Saturday, some just came by for a visit, others found spots for their tents and stayed the night.  Much to my surprise my good buddies Duane H and Chris came out for a bit!  Chris rode his fairly new KTM 1290 Super Duke GT, holy smokes - what a machine!  Duane got to ride it home for awhile, gave me some stellar reviews except that ergonomically the foot peg location caused him some back discomfort.  I sat on it at Grimes, it fit me like a glove ...  Hmmmm (the LAST thing I need is another bike ...) 

The DukeThe DukeKTM 1290 Super Duke GT - what a bike!

Jyl and Eric took their Biplane Scenic ride, mentioned what a thrill it was. Luckily their friend Murd was looking for someone to go up, I decided to join him, taking a ride in an authentic, open cockpit, 1929 WACO GXE biplane was probably the highlight of the day for me. 



There was no "shortage" (get it?  look at the pictures below!) of technical advice being bestowed upon us by Don P and others. Caught him wrenching and checking various bikes, never requiring them to be put on a lift. The comraderie and knowledge exhibited by this group of airhead enthusiasts is second to none.  So much fun hanging out with this group of friends, with all having some interesting backgrounds, accomplishments and aspirations.



Saturday late afternoon we were treated to a catered chicken dinner and our own mini private airshow put on by Paul Dougherty flying the 1990 Christen Eagle II, while his daughter rated some of the acrobatic maneuvers to give her dad instant feedback.



Mark L won the coveted Muskrat and will tend to it and it's beautiful wooden condo for this year, after which he will elect and present it to the next lucky recipient at Grimes in 2018.


Saturday night started a bit like a repeat of Friday for me, but then "decided" to call it an early night to get at least a few hours of shut-eye.

Sunday morning started like a typical BMW rally, folks milling around the coffee pot, while others packed up and headed out at first light.  I took my time breaking camp, said my good bye's, took the southerly scenic route, crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and was back in Annapolis by 13:30. What a great weekend!  Many thanks to all you all that organized and put on such a nice event!



Click here for more images!

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Touratech Rear Shock 1993 BMW R100GS/PD - 64k miles, currently with WP Rear Shock (unknown service history), Continental TKC80 tires, Stock Shield with Laminar Lip    

Noticed something disturbing as it pertains to Endeavour's handling during "high" speeds (passing a vehicle, for instance). The front end begins to feel light, and there is a noticeable wobble or weave that makes you think a tank slapper might occur, if speed is not decreased. This appears to occur around 73mph.  

Once I back off to 65 mph the handling issues go away entirely.  The Laminar Lip I installed did not help eliminate the excessive buffeting the bike experiences around tractor trailers, or on windy days.  So, back to the drawing board.  By a few threads I read online,  my R100GS is not the only bike that is exhibiting this unstable behavior.  For several folks, a rear shock replacement fixed the issue entirely.  Since I have no history on the WP Shock currently installed, I decided to get an Ohlins, but then settled on the Touratech "Basic" offering, after Morgan from Touratech suggested that this could be a better option (also could be built that day, as opposed to a few weeks on the Ohlins). When ordering the Touratech Shock, I completed a questionnaire about my weight with riding gear, poss. weight I plan to have onboard when fully loaded for a trip, etc.  The shock/spring is assembled given the results from the questionnaire.

The shock came yesterday, the fit and finish are first rate, looks and feels like a solid, well made product.  Installation was straight forward, it did help to loosen the right rear passenger foot peg and the right luggage rack.  I installed the shock and have yet to make the rebound - damping adjustments, I wanted to see how it felt right out of the box. 

Went for a ride in similar setup as the day prior with the WP Shock, and I'm pleased to find the high speed wobble (or weave) is now gone.  The wind buffeting still makes the bike feel slightly unstable in certain conditions.  Overall the bike feels more nimble, yet much more settled at higher speeds.  This weekend I'm going camping, looking forward how this bike performs loaded down a bit and for a bit of a longer ride.  Morgan did suggest that I adjust the sag, which i will do tonight.

IMG_2408ShocksWP Shock (red) New Touratech shock to be installed (White)


  • Need to address the issue pictured below.  Small weep from the brake lever seal, which sadly is covering the brake shoes.  

IMG_2410Hmmm?Dropping what appears to be grease from somewhere .... Can't find the source. Only on right side of the bike, also occurs with new shock.

IMG_241164873miFor my reference, installed the Touratech Shock at 64864mi

IMG_2413Test RideHigh speed wobble appears to be gone!


Went to the Golden Age Of Airhead Rally, Bethel, PA - loaded down with "standard" camping gear, stock BMW bags, no tail trunk.  While passing a group of 8 Harley's that were "hogging up" the road (going just soo slow), the high speed weave is back, not when doing 80mph or so - YAY!  What great timing too. I didn't look at the speedo to see the exact speed since I was passing and had other worries (like safely wedge myself into the Harley Clusterfvck). Tires are next, the TKC80's are coming off, will try some tires a bit more oriented to street usage.  


Final Update. Highspeed Weave is now gone! 

Incredibly bummed I couldn't ride my R77 to Bob's 40th Anniversary Celebration of the R100RS.  I have some sort of ignition issue that i need to sort out.  So, reluctantly the GS got the nod, rode to Bob's BMW and attended the event, which was great. While there I checked at the Service Desk if they had tires in stock for my bike, and if they had the bandwidth to install them.  I got the nod for both, elected to purchase the Metzeler Tourance tires. While the rear wheel was already off, I had Carter check the rear brakes for me, he indicated that my brake lever pinon seal was leaking a little bit, and is coating the rear brake disks - lovely.  I had him print the parts list and purchased the items to do the repair myself. Rode the bike home, at 80 - 85mph I could not reproduce the wobble, so I am very pleased.  I will update if warranted, esp. when I ride to Finger Lakes loaded down with gear. 
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Sailor Meet Sailor, an adorable Yellow Labrador Retriever puppy.  This arrival was much anticipated, finally got to have a little photo shoot with her over the 4th of July holiday.  What a cutie!

The weekend was perfect, with great company, food & drink, lots of fun sailing, kayaking, a little golfing and just relaxing a bit.




Sailor has her own Gallery! Check out the images here!

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Hall Pass Last nights regatta race was stunning.  The sky provided us with a light show rarely seen (not in the form of lightening, just some dark skies, yet sun still shining through).  The race was decent, crew displayed some incredible athleticism on the balance beam.  Three separate Spinnaker deployments, all went well until Hall Pass forced us into an obstruction, which of course is frowned upon by fellow racers and sailors.  That dampened the mood a bit, had a decent finish, some good beer and then prepped the boat for a possible rating change.  Here are a few pictures ...

IMG_0538IMG_0538 IMG_0585IMG_0585 IMG_0588IMG_0588 IMG_0603IMG_0603 IMG_0607IMG_0607 IMG_0618IMG_0618 IMG_0644IMG_0644 IMG_0645IMG_0645 IMG_0666IMG_0666 IMG_0710IMG_0710 IMG_0717IMG_0717 IMG_0773IMG_0773 IMG_0823IMG_0823     

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EPIC Ambition A few years ago I attended an IT conference in Las Vegas and decided to tack on a trip to the Grand Canyon (South Rim), Sand Slot Canyons in Page, AZ and a stint on Route 66 to Oatman, AZ.  I promised myself to return to this general area for more in depth photography.  Fast forward to now, fellow motorcyclist and great friend RJ and I just completed a trip to the Southwest for some photography.


Day 1 -  9 June 2017

We departed BWI airport at 6:30am on Southwest, arrived in Las Vegas and picked up the rental car by 10am. We had all intentions to do this trip in a Ford Mustang convertible, however that was not available when we arrived at the car rental agency. We were upgraded to a Chevy Camaro RS Convertible, but upon opening the trunk we realized that there was no way our luggage would fit. Fortunately we were able to switch cars and ended up with a white four door Nissan Altima, which turned out to be perfect. We left with 17111mi on the odometer, headed to Lee's Discount Liquors and Walmart for some supplies (Beer, Whiskey, Gatorade, snacks, ice, etc). And so this adventure began, driving towards Page, AZ.




Our first stop was the Valley Of Fire State Park, NV.  Pretty impressive place, my first sight of the red rocks, love the contrast of the blue skies against the red rock formations.  We don't have skies this blue on the East Coast.



We drove on to Page and checked out Horseshoe Bend, which given the time of day (6pm) was in terribly harsh light, we decided to abandon photography here and checked into our Hotel (Best Western Plus). After a most delicious Mexican Dinner we turned in, it was a long day!  


Day 2 - 10 June

During breakfast at the hotel we sat and talked with a couple from Germany,  We exchanged notes and suggested a couple of sites that they may also be interested in seeing. Later we took the short drive to Antelope Canyon Tours for our tour of the Upper Antelope Canyon.  This place is impressive, but very hard to shoot without a tripod. If you plan to do photography here, sign up for the 2 hour "Photographers' Tour". I put this canyon on the itinerary since RJ has never been in one. Sunny, our Navajo guide gave us a great tour, we were lucky to have been one of the first tours to arrive, so there were not that many folks here yet.

IMG_0860_sm - CopyIMG_0860_sm - Copy

IMG_0872_sm - CopyIMG_0872_sm - Copy

I dropped RJ off at the Hotel and headed down to Horseshoe Bend which now was in much better light (10:30am).  Took a few photos here, then went back to the hotel and checked out, started our drive to Monument Valley.

IMG_0879_sm - CopyIMG_0879_sm - Copy

Seeing Monument Valley for the first time was absolutely impressive. We stayed in the Park a bit to soak in the views, then secured our cabin for the two night stay at Gouldings Lodge.


Since we had a bit of time before the sunset at Monument Valley we decided to check out the Goosenecks State Park (light too harsh at 4pm).


RJ then took us to the Moki Dugway (drive it if you can find it, impressive views from here!). We stopped for photos on a few of the cut-ins on this old mining road.


We then headed into the Valley Of The Gods, which was my favorite so far.  Nice early evening light, getting close to the Golden Hour. Sadly I only took a few images here, should have spent more time for sure.


We headed back to Monument Valley for some sunset shots, which turned into watching the moon rise (incredible) and then doing some low light photography.  Headed out to mile marker 13 made famous by the movie Forrest Gump.  Will have to re-shoot this in daylight. 


Day 3 - 11 June

Monument Valley - Shot the sunrise.


Stopped at mile marker 13 again in daylight before heading to Mexican Hat for breakfast.


After the most overpriced and awful breakfast burrito we decided to drive back to Monument Valley and take the driving trail.  Almost got the rental car stuck right away, aborted the drive to Artist Point Lookout. RJ inquired with some of the local tour guides and before we knew it, RJ and I were on a private tour with a Navajo guide named Dean taking us into the restricted parts of the reservation. Too cool.


Headed back to our cabin via the local grocery store to pick up items for our typical low budget late lunch, which was terrific.


Later we returned to Monument Valley for another Sunset shoot, and watched the moon rise one more time. Headed back to the cabin and lightly prepared for our departure in the morning.



Day 4 - 12 June

Shot the Monument Valley sunrise one more time and said goodbye to this most unique place. Headed to the cabin to grab our belongings and checked out. We stopped at mile marker 13 yet again, took a few shots here, one cool thing to note were the 2 Aussies in Red Chicago Bulls Jersey's, cool contrast against the black macadam, I think I got a couple of shots of them.


With the fleeting morning light we decided to head into the Valley Of The Gods again, this time utilizing the west entrance off of 163. Took a few cool shots of a lone BMW rider with his tent situated in a terrific spot with stellar views.  Someday I would love to ride some of these dirt roads on my BMW R100GSPD.


We had a fairly uneventful drive to Moab, RJ got some much needed rest, we have been operating on limited amounts of sleep up to this point. Checked out the Lazy Lizard Youth Hostel where we will be staying for one night.  Very interesting place. Lot's of "kids", very neat concept, there were dorm rooms, tent spaces and cabins.  Every patron had use of a communal kitchen (do your own dishes), a TV / reading room, as well as a bath house.  Our cabin was not quite ready yet, so we decided to head into Arches National Park.  Seems like it took us an hour to clear the many other cars ahead of us entering the Park.



Arches National Park is stunning, could not stop saying "WOW" with just about every turn we took. We looked at "RJ's rock", he's adopted this "rock" to be his many years ago.  It is a fine rock RJ!



I walked over to the triple Arch while RJ hunted for a spot to park.  It was incredibly busy despite the heat and the blowing wind, which of course was saturated with fine dust and sand ... Later we ventured over to the Windows, the wind was wipping through them with almost unimaginable force.





We left Arches heading north on 191, then turned west onto 313 leading us to Dead Horse Point State Park. Nice views of the canyon, reminded me a little bit of the Grand Canyon, only on much smaller scale.  We were not close to the Golden Hour, were getting hungry so we headed back to Moab.  

IMG_1197_smDead Horse   

For dinner we went to a Mexican Restaurant called El Charro Loco. It is the best Mexican food I ever had, if you are in Moab, and Mexican food appeals to you, I would strongly urge you to seek out this place. It's a hole in the wall, not easy to find, address is 812 S Main St, Moab, UT. 


We headed to the Lazy Lizard and secured our cabin for the night.  I began the usual nightly process of making RJ and I a nice drink, then began charging all camera batteries and downloading images onto an external hard drive.  Upon RJ's urging, we headed up to the office and hung out with the youngsters congregated here, some musicians were playing their guitars and singing.  Before we knew it, we were treated to a private concert by Caitlyn Jemma & The Moonshiners (Megan Graham and Michael Steinkirchner).  That was the highlight of the evening for sure.


Day 5 - 13 June

RJ and I packed up the car fairly early, headed to Arches National Park but sadly got their too early to be able to enter the Park. Instead of wasting the nice early morning light we drove a bit on UT-128 which essentially follows the Colorado River.  Took a few photos here.  


Finally we were able to enter the Park at 7am.  We stopped at the Park Avenue Overlook for a bit, had another look at RJ's Rock, then mushed on to the Delicate Arch parking area.  Very busy already, we prepped ourselves (water, applying sunscreen), prepped the gear (tripod, cameras, water) to take and then hiked out to the Delicate Arch. The Arch itself was impressive,  took quite a few photos here.


We trekked back to the car and headed to back to look at RJ's rock again. RJ and I have been such good friends for so many years now that I thought it to be neat to pick the "rock" next to his as my rock, so there we both are.



The blue sky and white clouds made it hard to leave here, but our itinerary was taking us to the Newspaper Rock Recreation Site on our way to Blanding, so we had to move on .... We did stop in the Arches Visitor Center Gift Store on our way out, I purchased a neat artist rendition print of my rock, oddly RJ's seems to be a little less famous.  



We did stop by El Charro Loco again, the lunch we had there was equally as good as the dinner there the night before.  Check it out!!!!


The drive south on 191 was uneventful and scenic, we turned west onto 211, which was a fantastic road with incredible vistas. Chased a fellow and his dog in his pick-up truck was towing a classic restored Airstream Bambi trailer.  We stopped at the Newpaper Rock Recreation Site - very interesting. RJ tended to his "211 Burrito", leftover from El Charro's lunch.  



We drove all the way to the entry sign for Canyonlands and decided that we will not enter the Park, because - let's face it, we had to leave something unexplored, so that we'd return to this area for sure.  We put the Canyonlands in the same category as Capitol Reef, a Park that always gets shlt on, because they are not "big and famous".  In true form, we essentially shlt on Canyonlands.  But wait!  There is more ....


Feeling a bit hungry myself, RJ dished up some cheese (skillfully sliced with a Veggie Peeler on his UT Atlas) and crackers while we headed towards Cliff Palace in Blanding, UT.  If this was his Palace, I'd hate to see his shed.  Place was a bit scary at first but ended up working out just fine.  



We fueled the car and looked for something to eat in a very weird place ....  picture a Gas Station, Convenience Store, Fast Food Joint and Bowling Alley all lumped into one ...  Bizarre.  It was at an Intersection that only Partyriders can truly appreciate (191N & 191S). Dinner consisted of whatever rations we could dig up from the trunk of the car.



This ended up being a banner day, not sure that we could have crammed any more into it.  But wait! There's more ....   


Day 6 - 14 June

Another early morning wake-up, packed the car and headed to Pop's Burrito shop next to the Motel, it looked to be open, we hoped to at least get a cup of coffee here.  We did get that, and ALSO a very good breakfast (I had a delicious breakfast burrito, while RJ enjoyed the same, only served in a bowl). Rejuvenated with fresh coffee onboard we turned onto 191S and then veered onto Hwy 95 towards Hanksville.  The first stop took us on a short hike to the Butler Wash ruins, an ancient Anasazi site. Neat site, but shitty light for photography at 10:30am.  We didn't loiter here for long. I had great hopes for the next stop.


One side note, I found a pair of lady's sunglasses here on the trail, and decided to wear them to see if RJ would notice.  He never did - I ended up talking to quite a few folks wearing these rather feminine glasses.


So we mushed on to the Mule Canyon Trailhead in hopes of finding the House On Fire.  After a couple of failed attempts hiking down incorrect paths, we finally noodled through that we were off by about .5 miles or so. Back to the car, driving the dirt road back we came and then parked with a few other vehicles.  I asked a very nice gentleman if we were close to the trail and he answered that indeed we were. So we set off on a decent hike and arrived at the House On Fire only to see a PBS film crew onsite, also documenting this neat ancient ruin. We looked around a bit, talked to the PBS crew and began taking some photographs.  I think the light might have bee just about perfect.


We also took a look at the ancient handprints located just to the left of these Anasazi ruin, very neat.


I have to say that seeing these ruins had a profound impact on me, trying to imagine living here with no food or water in the deep of winter or the dead of summer.  The gentleman that assured us earlier that we found the correct trail mentioned that the Anasazi Indians used these ruins primarily in the summer, lived a somewhat nomadic lifestyle and stayed elsewhere during the winter.  There was a riverbed below these ruins so there possibly was some means to grow crops here. Either way, I'm so glad we took the time to see this site.

We hiked back to the car and continued west on UT-95 towards Hite Overlook.  Some stunning views here, neat S-curves carving through the mountains.


At Hite Overlook we met a neat couple from Austria, Hannes & Katharina, whom are currently on a carbon neutral around the world journey. Presently they are riding their bicycles from San Francisco to Boston.  From there they are hoping to catch a sailboat for the passage across the Atlantic to Portugal.  We took some pictures, chatted awhile, while they both attempted to indulge in a melted Hershey's Chocolate Bar. They got a kick out RJ essentially being from the area where Hershey's Chocolate is made. Check out their website below.

Katharina & Hannes carbon neutral round-world-journey   

We continued on to Hanksville and then headed into Capitol Reef National Park for a few photos.  Another neat site with it's own unique atmosphere and landscape.  




Lodging: Day's Inn Torrey, UT, Subway Sandwich for Dinner, Lemonade and Jim Beam


Day 7 - 15 June 

This morning we decided to change the itinerary after we talked to a gentleman during breakfast at the hotel, he suggested we make our way to Burr Trail Road and shoot one of the caves there (he showed us some of his iPone pictures - which were stunning). We decided to scrap the Capitol Reef sunrise shoot (too late anyway), the Devils Garden and the Escalante Grand Staircase. All of which would have been visited via the Hole In The Rock Road, a somewhat rough dirt road, which would have taken a lot of time to navigate.

We took Route 12 towards Boulder and along the way stopped at several places to take in the views of the Birch Tree forests lining the route. The coolest thing happened here, but I will reserve that for RJ and I.


There was cattle on the road in places, and some very nice scenic Lookouts. Had a bit of a photo session with a Prairie Dog mother and her young.


We made it to Burr Trail Road and found the cave we heard about, had a nice photo shoot here, having the cave entirely to ourselves.  



We ran into two brothers as we left the cave, chatted for a bit and learned that they came from Peek-a-boo slot canyon, and showed us some pictures.  Seems to be mostly very narrow with a tough entry - so not that appealing for photography.  We scrapped it from the itinerary and decided to check out Kodachrome Basin State Park (what a cool name). 

And for once on this trip there was a bit of disappointment, Kodachrome was a bit of a let-down, it was hot, gnats and other insects were bugging us, we took one absolutely hilarious picture and bailed out. 


We drove to Bryce Canyon National Park, loitered there from late afternoon to a little after sunset. Bryce Canyon is spectacular!


From here we drove to Panguitch, UT where we would stay for the next 3 nights (Blue Pine Motel, great little place - more on that later).


Day 8 - 16 June

We left the motel early for the 35min drive to Bryce Canyon for sunrise.  It is amazing to see the Hoo-Doo's come to "life" as they are illuminated by the rising sun.  What a show.  We then went to Bryce Canyon Lodge, I signed up for a Horseback tour for the following morning.  We had a nice breakfast at the Lodge and just loitered awhile, RJ found a piano and played for a bit.



While we were mulling over what to do next, RJ came up with this idea that I was going to be on a mule, not a horse for the ride into Bryce Canyon. He had so much fun with it, I ended up going back to the Tour Representative and asked what the likelihood of being on a mule vs. a horse might be. (about 50%).  But I could request to be on a horse during the check-in the following morning.

We checked out the old gas station and then decided to hike from Sunrise Point to Sunset Point via the Queen Garden Trail and the Navajo Loop.  Bryce Canyon is something entirely different, when seen whilst in the canyon.  Just STUNNING vistas no matter where you look. 




The hike back to the car was a bit of a challenge, the final elevation change as one exits the trail can be a bit of a challenge.  We were pleased with our performance and the fact that we got to see and experience from below. 

We headed back to the motel to relax for a bit, and to walk around main street a bit, maybe hit a couple of antique stores.  On the drive back we saw signs of a significant fire, which we later learned was a controlled burn.




We headed back to Bryce for sunset, which was lackluster, the smoke from the fire had obscured the sun's rays.  Back to Panguitch to the Motel for what was a BANNER day. Gas Station Burrito's for dinner AND also a fine drink consisting of ice, Jim Beam, Coke, Mango Slushy, Pink and regular lemonade.  That was fantastic.  We ventured to the professional putting green and played a few "rounds" of golf.


Day 9 - 17 June

RJ's birthday, gave him a card and his only little mountain range consisting of small rocks of various different colors. We back to Bryce for the Horse Trail Ride. I checked in with no problem and soon was sitting on Juaquin, a very nice looking horse.  And off we went, it was another experience I won't soon forget.

Another rider ahead of me took these shots, thank you Rose!  



RJ stayed in the park, checked out some other spots since the road leading to Rainbow and Yovimpa view points had previously been closed.  He used the Nikon D800E and did well with it, also got some great pictures of us returning from the 3 1/2 hour trail ride.

We stopped at another store called "Red Canyon" I found and purchased a pretty cool men's ring here. Took RJ for a fantastic lunch back in Panguitch at the Cowboy's Smoke House, where we met some nice folks from TX, named RJ and Linda! I had the best burger I EVER had here, try this place if you are in town!

We checked out the Red Rock Rendezvous BMW rally that was being held at the local fairgrounds, then played some more golf, and went back to Cowboy's Smoke House for a fine dinner. Yep - another BANNER day.  But wait!  There's more ....


Day 10 - 18 June

Drove through Zion National Park on our way back to Las Vegas.  Need to come back here for sure. 



From here we drove to Snow Canyon State Park, another spot that warrants a longer visit.


Found this marker at the Shivwits Paiute Indian Cemetery.


Drove back to Las Vegas, cruised down the strip and took a few pictures of the iconic "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign. We returned the rental car with 19309mi on the odometer in 115F of heat. We had a nice flight home, arriving at my house early Monday morning at 02:30.  RJ decided to head back home right away, I went to bed only to be awoken by the pesky alarm at 06:15 to head to work. 

What an EPIC adventure.  Will need to return to Canyonlands, Capitol Reef and Zion National Park for sure.  Page AZ and the sand slot canyons need to be explored more as well. There are many more gas station burritos and Slushy flavors that need to be tasted.     


I will be posting a few pictures here in this blog, more images here:  Gallery can be viewed via this link.

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Xiberger Takes Second Series 1, Race 3:  Quite an exciting race.  First of, it's been a fun day hanging out at the Eastport Yacht Club and watching the Blue Angels perform the "low" show. Took a few decent shots, despite overcast skies and lack of good light.  The race itself was fantastic, great start, good wind, good tactics.  Had a bit of a lazy sheet management issue and a couple of exciting Spinnaker moments. Hall Pass sailed fast, she took first, we got a second place.


IMG_0345IMG_0345 IMG_0354IMG_0354 IMG_0361IMG_0361 IMG_0366IMG_0366 IMG_0370IMG_0370 IMG_0373IMG_0373 IMG_0378IMG_0378 IMG_0385IMG_0385 IMG_0388IMG_0388 IMG_0390 (1)IMG_0390 (1) IMG_0395IMG_0395 IMG_0398IMG_0398 IMG_0403IMG_0403 IMG_0409IMG_0409



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16th Annual British & European Classic Motorcycle Day May 21st, 2017:  16th Annual British & European Classic Motorcycle Day, High Point Farm - Clarksville, MD. I rode to the event with fellow Airheads Mark and Mike, each of us riding our BMW R100RS.  This year BMW was the Featured Marque, great turnout with so many European brands also well represented. This is an amazing venue! I will have to work this into my schedule annually. Caught up with quite a few friends here, and even the rain stayed away. A perfect day with a spirited and uneventful ride home! I hope you enjoy a few of the pictures I took (link below these images).





Click Here For More Images


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