After immigrating to the US from West-Germany, Andy has served multiple years as a Paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division, and later subsequent service in the Armed Forces Reserve components. He now works in the information technology sector for a regional health care provider.

Andy's interest in the arts has spanned many years. His work has ranged from abstract oil painting to digital photography, his current passion. Andy's recent work employs the High Dynamic Range Imaging technique (commonly known as HDR) where he takes multiple bracketed images of the same subject, all with different exposure values (over/under exposed). These images are then digitally merged into one image. By using this technique, Andy creates a painterly quality with interesting light effects. This process, combined with the use of metallic and other types of print paper, enhances the graphic light/dark contrast and color intensity of the subject.

Andy's images, in their simplest form, tell stories of life through the simple capturing of everyday scenes. But more than that, Andy is drawn to compositions which have strong graphic quality and dramatic light. He creates a richness in his final works, and a mood that pulls the viewer in. Always with his camera, Andy finds his subjects in his everyday life in Annapolis, MD; the Outer Banks and in his frequent travels across the U.S. and in Europe.

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