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Thank You Harley Davidson!

February 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Harley Davidson continues to amaze me with their "elitist" attitude.

I removed the front wheel of one of my BMW bikes to take it to a motorcycle shop to have an inter tube installed.  I walked into the local Harley Davidson dealership and the service guy asked what I need, I replied with "I need this inter tube installed on this wheel".   He replied:  "Is it off of a Harley?" I proudly proclaimed that it wasn't, and what why would THAT matter, it's a friggin wheel that needs an inter tube".  He responded with: "Sorry man, it's not off of a Harley, we can't do it".  WOW - amazing ... I turn to walk out with a "WTF" look.  Just before I reaching the door, the service guy suggests I try Chesapeake Cycles just down the street.

So while there waiting to have my wheel serviced (they had no issue with this being off of a BMW), I had a chance to look around the showroom and put a deposit down on this ...



Thank you Harley Davidson for leading me down this path.  I have 4 BMW's, heck look forward to introducing another brand into my garage.  This elitist Harley mentality is pathetic ..., I doubt I will ever own one, and clearly I am not worthy to own that brand anyway. Oh, and get this - as I'm ready to leave I want to square up for the wheel repair and they told me to not worry about it - WOW.       

Ok, gotta run and test ride this bike.  Maybe if I don't like it, I'll buy a Harley instead - yeah right - fat chance.          


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