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CRV Winter Banquet

January 22, 2018  •  1 Comment

The 2018 motorcycle rally season is opening with a very fun weekend that was had while attending the Connecticut River Valley Riders Winter Banquet.  Friday night Lew and I sampled a few malted beverages at Lew's favorite local brewery, Cox Brewing Company a Veteran owned Nano Brewery in Elizabethtown, PA. This place is a must visit if you support veterans, enjoy great micro brew and don't mind running into some really nice staff and beer connoisseurs.



RJ arrived a bit later in the evening, we adjourned to Lew's garage for a cigar, more beer and some fine Port wine.

RJ Lew and AndyRJ Lew and Andy

Saturday morning came way too soon, we finished packing the truck and headed north to Connecticut.  Our first stop of mention was the Blackie's Hot Dog Stand in Cheshire, CT. We bellied up to the bar and soon enjoyed custom recipe hot dogs, made exclusively for Blackie’s by Martin Rosol's of New Britian, CT.  I topped mine with Pepper Relish and Mustard, terrific early lunch.



We headed on to Waterbury to visit Holy Land, a defunct religious theme park that RJ mentioned might be worthy of a visit.  RJ never dissapoints with these odd site's we tend to visit, this place was no exception.  My only regret is, that I didn't bring my better photo gear.  We trudged around onsite for maybe 40 minutes, marveled at the site of the huge cross overlooking Waterbury.

Holy Land 3Holy Land 3 Holy Land2Holy Land2

We mushed on to our gracious hosts and arrived by 2pm.  Relaxed for a bit before Partyrider Frank Podgewaite suggested that we should go for a quick plane ride.  Lew and I jumped up and took Frank to the local airport where Frank quickly retrieved the Cessna out of it's impeccable hanger stall.  Before we knew it, we were buckled in, headsets mounted and after a short taxi found ourselves waiting for take-off clearance, which came after a minute or two. Frank skillfully guided us onto the runway and after a very short of take-off run we were heading towards the Connecticut river to check out the ice floats. Had a very nice smooth flight during which I constantly inquired about the functions of the many instruments in the cockpit.  I am and always have been fascinated with all things aviation, this was a very special treat, thank you Frank!

CessnaCessna CockpitCockpit Frank & AndyFrank & Andy Setting StuffSetting Stuff Cessna and HangerCessna and Hanger

By the time we returned back to Frank's, the mystery guest (Diane Pratt) has arrived.  She would be joining us at the for the banquet and stay through Sunday to also go flying with Frank.  Penny treated us to various tasty h'ordeuvres as she has in years past.


We headed to the banquet at the Polish National Home in Hartford and had a very nice time.  

Polish National HomePolish National Home BrainfishBrainfish RJ and LewRJ and Lew

Sunday we got a late start and headed south, I dropped Lew and RJ off, and headed home myself.  




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Thank you for the kind words, PR Mueller!
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