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Touratech Rear Shock

August 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

1993 BMW R100GS/PD - 64k miles, currently with WP Rear Shock (unknown service history), Continental TKC80 tires, Stock Shield with Laminar Lip    

Noticed something disturbing as it pertains to Endeavour's handling during "high" speeds (passing a vehicle, for instance). The front end begins to feel light, and there is a noticeable wobble or weave that makes you think a tank slapper might occur, if speed is not decreased. This appears to occur around 73mph.  

Once I back off to 65 mph the handling issues go away entirely.  The Laminar Lip I installed did not help eliminate the excessive buffeting the bike experiences around tractor trailers, or on windy days.  So, back to the drawing board.  By a few threads I read online,  my R100GS is not the only bike that is exhibiting this unstable behavior.  For several folks, a rear shock replacement fixed the issue entirely.  Since I have no history on the WP Shock currently installed, I decided to get an Ohlins, but then settled on the Touratech "Basic" offering, after Morgan from Touratech suggested that this could be a better option (also could be built that day, as opposed to a few weeks on the Ohlins). When ordering the Touratech Shock, I completed a questionnaire about my weight with riding gear, poss. weight I plan to have onboard when fully loaded for a trip, etc.  The shock/spring is assembled given the results from the questionnaire.

The shock came yesterday, the fit and finish are first rate, looks and feels like a solid, well made product.  Installation was straight forward, it did help to loosen the right rear passenger foot peg and the right luggage rack.  I installed the shock and have yet to make the rebound - damping adjustments, I wanted to see how it felt right out of the box. 

Went for a ride in similar setup as the day prior with the WP Shock, and I'm pleased to find the high speed wobble (or weave) is now gone.  The wind buffeting still makes the bike feel slightly unstable in certain conditions.  Overall the bike feels more nimble, yet much more settled at higher speeds.  This weekend I'm going camping, looking forward how this bike performs loaded down a bit and for a bit of a longer ride.  Morgan did suggest that I adjust the sag, which i will do tonight.

IMG_2408ShocksWP Shock (red) New Touratech shock to be installed (White)


  • Need to address the issue pictured below.  Small weep from the brake lever seal, which sadly is covering the brake shoes.  

IMG_2410Hmmm?Dropping what appears to be grease from somewhere .... Can't find the source. Only on right side of the bike, also occurs with new shock.

IMG_241164873miFor my reference, installed the Touratech Shock at 64864mi

IMG_2413Test RideHigh speed wobble appears to be gone!


Went to the Golden Age Of Airhead Rally, Bethel, PA - loaded down with "standard" camping gear, stock BMW bags, no tail trunk.  While passing a group of 8 Harley's that were "hogging up" the road (going just soo slow), the high speed weave is back, not when doing 80mph or so - YAY!  What great timing too. I didn't look at the speedo to see the exact speed since I was passing and had other worries (like safely wedge myself into the Harley Clusterfvck). Tires are next, the TKC80's are coming off, will try some tires a bit more oriented to street usage.  


Final Update. Highspeed Weave is now gone! 

Incredibly bummed I couldn't ride my R77 to Bob's 40th Anniversary Celebration of the R100RS.  I have some sort of ignition issue that i need to sort out.  So, reluctantly the GS got the nod, rode to Bob's BMW and attended the event, which was great. While there I checked at the Service Desk if they had tires in stock for my bike, and if they had the bandwidth to install them.  I got the nod for both, elected to purchase the Metzeler Tourance tires. While the rear wheel was already off, I had Carter check the rear brakes for me, he indicated that my brake lever pinon seal was leaking a little bit, and is coating the rear brake disks - lovely.  I had him print the parts list and purchased the items to do the repair myself. Rode the bike home, at 80 - 85mph I could not reproduce the wobble, so I am very pleased.  I will update if warranted, esp. when I ride to Finger Lakes loaded down with gear. 


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