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Chasing "Leiser Blitz" on "Wings"

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Quick History Update:

1977 -  UncaNorm acquires a 1977 BMW R100RS SN: 6180040.  Names her "Leiser Blitz", bolts on Lester Wheels and in 1979 a nine gallon Heinrich Tank, the miles pile on.  In 1981 the bike gets parked with 61k on the odometer.  Original fairing was removed and got lost in the shuffle ...  


2014 -  UncaNorm gives Gretchen the R100RS.  Gretchen knows that I'm looking for an airhead and contacts me. An email exchange ensues, in which I seek information about this bike, which she answers including sending many pictures.


In October 2014 I make the decision to purchase Leiser Blitz from her (although technically the original owner as far as the title is concerned is UncaNorm).  So I am the second owner of this bike.


2014 - 2015 -  Leiser Blitz endures a major overhaul ....  performed by RJ, Lew and I with many others being involved in the process somehow or another (all of whom I am extremely thankful for).  Too cool, during the build of the bike, Gretchen scans in a few pictures of UncaNorm and Leiser Blitz and sends them to me.  Priceless artifacts!


Aug 2015: The resurrection of Leiser Blitz is largely completed, Gretchen meets RJ, Lew and I to look at the bike.  She surprises us all with these most exquisite handcrafted clay R77 mugs (yes - she made them for us (one for UncaNorm as well), each mug is custom made for each of us, with our names inscribed in them).  Too cool.



2015 -  UncaNorm and Leiser Blitz are reunited at "his" 41st Annual BMW Finger Lakes rally.  

Norm & Leiser BlitzNorm & Leiser BlitzUncaNorm re-united with Leiser Blitz, what a joy that was to see. He was pleased with the effort we put into this machine!  


The Mission:

Duplicate (at least visually) each of the five historic photos I received from Gretchen.  Most of these photos date back to 1978 - 1980. Dave Good was able to provide me with some particulars on these images.


Image #1:  1979 - Cass, WV, Leatherbark Campground


My version:  Last Chance Rally, 2016

Cool facts: Gretchen took this photo!  The bike on the right belongs to RJ, the project lead and main builder/fabricator of my bike (now called "Wings"). In the foreground is my R77 "40" mug that Gretchen handmade.  

Re-enactorRe-enactorOur version of the previous image, which was taken in 1979.

Image #2: July, 1980...BMWMOA National Rally, complete with fairing scars after cat collision and asphalt slide. Norman thankfully uninjured.


My version: 50th Annual Four Winds Rally, 2016

Cool facts:  The gentleman in the mirror (Dave Good) is the same person depicted in the original image above.  Dave and I have been great friends for years now. Another cool fact is that the mirror is attached to Gretchen's bike, this was her first ride to a rally!  Also, the funds she received from the sale of the R77 afforded her her current ride, a 1976 R90/6.  

It Wasn't a CatIt Wasn't a CatDuplicating a few old rally pictures. Loving this!


The following images are yet to be duplicated - updates to follow, no idea when this was taken.  See if Gretchen can inquire.

NormLB0NormLB0Preumably one of the earlier shots of UncaNorm with Leiser Blitz

Image #4: 1978 Iowa Rally, Purple Cow restaurant for breakfast, Coralville, IA


Image #5:  May, 1978, Cass Rally side ride on then new scenic byway just opened. 



David Good(non-registered)
May, 1978, Cass Rally side ride on then new scenic byway just opened.

Correction to picture#1 is 1979, not..1978...Norm and I did not get our first Heinrich tanks from Karl Duffner until 1979.
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