The Assembly

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The Life and Times of Leiser Blitz, a 1977 BMW R100RS           (Part#3)

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- The Assembly -

  • So it begins - after almost 2 months of tearing this bike apart and seeing various parts being shipped off (powder coater, head work, final drive), it was nice to see items return to the garage and to visually get an idea of how nice this will look. Of course RJ, Lew and I did quite a bit of work on other parts (Transmission, bearings, forks, fender, side covers, etc).
  • Finally the frame came back the powder coater and RJ literally couldn't wait to show it to me and the special touches he added (added some strenght near foot pegs where things are prone to crack, filled in the battery cover subframe gap that could be visually more appealing, added strenght to the center stand, since we are using the Briel Oil Cooler. - WOW - this looks fantastic! iel oil cooler).  
  • RJ took painstaking efforts to save the original SN plate (riveted to frame), then attached it back, and even grinding down the screws to make them look like rivets.  Absolutely amazing what this guy will do, attention to detail is like none other I have seen.


  • As a side note:  R77 #260, also indicates the place of manufacturer on his serial number plate.  The owner of #260 also confirmed that his is a big pipe bike, i.e. 40mm exhaust.  Below is a picture of his SN tag:


  • The frame turned out very nice! We all are very pleased, Todd did a great job on all of the parts we asked him to do for us.

Todd McDannell, owner of Wicked Rides Powdercoating, 130 Bigham Rd., Gettysburg, PA



  • RJ added some neat add'l centerstand bracing, since with us using the Briel Oil Cooler, we are missing one add'l centerstand cross bar 

P1140398P1140398 IMG_8113IMG_8113

  • RJ had his welder add one small tab to each side of the subframe, that will fill in the gap that generally exists between battery cover and subframe.  Very nice touch, great presence of mind, the attention to detail is remarkable. 

P1140738P1140738 P1140739P1140739

  • Dan King rebuilt the forks for us, great job, thanks DAN!


  • So, with the frame and RJ's custom work looking so nice, it forced us to really step it up, the "base" of the build looks so nice, it would be a shame not to carry that through the remainder of the build.
  • RJ started to freshen up the engine block a bit, and WOW does it look nice! He used Krylon Dull Aluminum
  • We continued the build in somewhat subzero conditions, hard to bolt shlt on when hands are mostly in pockets!   


  • Lew and RJ would have fun inviting various mystery guests for breakfast and then to come over and see our progress.  Meet my good buddy Dave Good, he and the previous owner used to ride together, in fact Dave took the "It was a CAT" picture and is visible in the rear view mirror of that shot.  Goodie has 2 beautiful R100CS's, often he and I reserved the right to ride home together from Fingers and exploring some of the higher speeds our bikes' are capable of.  

P1140491P1140491 P1140494P1140494 P1140498P1140498

  • Despite running 2 kerosene heaters, it still was bitterly cold in the garage on more than one occasion. At least that also kept the beer cold.


  • And just like that, we half 1/2 of a rolling chassis!
  • I need to make a special mention here referring the the "DNA" of the Lower Yoke - This part is from Mark Thrift's bike, which later also belonged to David Lichtenwalner (Alphabet) and even later was on RJ's bike.  So there is a bit of DCR (Dutch Country Riders) history rolling around! 


  • RJ's futile attempt to heat up the garage ....


  • In this photo one can begin to see that advantage of RJ's center stand bracing, with the Briel oil cooler and the deep oil pan (neither of them installed yet), there would be no clearance with the stock center stand.



  • The transmission has been painstakingly cleaned by RJ, has been through his kitchen sink and bathtub more times then he would probably like to admit.  

P1140525P1140525 P1140529P1140529 P1140530P1140530 P1140531P1140531 P1140535P1140535 P1140537P1140537 P1140539P1140539 P1140540P1140540 P1140546P1140546 P1140548P1140548 P1140551P1140551

  • Found a nice powdercoated Brown's sidestand on eBay - looks and functions perfect


  • RJ's typical attention to detail, protecting the frame portion to which the fairing brace will attach

P1140587P1140587 P1140588P1140588 P1140593P1140593 P1140594P1140594 P1140595P1140595

  • The Briel oil cooler and deep sump oil pan require a "deeper" oil pick-up, which RJ fabricated from stock aluminum.   

P1140598P1140598 P1140599P1140599 P1140600P1140600 P1140601P1140601 P1140602P1140602

  • Onto devising an improved Diode Board mounting technique

P1140603P1140603 P1140605P1140605 P1140606P1140606 P1140608P1140608

P1140614P1140614 P1140617P1140617 P1140618P1140618 P1140619P1140619 P1140620P1140620

  • Cleaned and bench tested the original starter.  Seemed to be in good shape and checked out fine, bolting it on.

P1140629P1140629 P1140624P1140624

  • Fairing Brace mounted

P1140626P1140626 P1140628P1140628   

  • Back to installing the Briel, deeper oil pickup, and sump.

P1140630P1140630 P1140635P1140635 P1140636P1140636 P1140637P1140637 P1140639P1140639 P1140646P1140646 P1140648P1140648 P1140649P1140649 P1140651P1140651 P1140652P1140652

  • Headlight bucket now installed

P1140667P1140667 P1140671P1140671

  • Mother winter continues to have her hold on PA


  • DuClaw Serum Double IPA "Craft Be Cherished Rules Be Dammed"   - This slogan applies to this bike build to some extent 

P1140684P1140684 P1140685P1140685

  • Heads are now back from having been gone over by Randy Long  -  looking fantastic 

P1140687P1140687 P1140688P1140688 P1140690P1140690

  • Going with a 1981 swingarm sourced from eBay

P1140693P1140693 P1140694P1140694 P1140697P1140697

  • Transmission looks absolutely fantastic - WOW

P1140699P1140699 P1140700P1140700 P1140702P1140702 P1140710P1140710

  • Not 100% sure why we slotted this pin, but clearly we did.  Gotta ask RJ about this.

P1140713P1140713 P1140719P1140719

  • Here is a picture of only the second wallet Mike has ever owned in his life.  It is a gem and make me laugh every time he pulls it out. 


  • Slotted the breather vent tube slot for easier install/disassembly of aircleaner covers

P1140726P1140726 P1140727P1140727 P1140732P1140732 P1140733P1140733


  • Transmission bolted on


  • Powdercoated 1981 swingarm went on next

P1140752P1140752 P1140753P1140753 P1140759P1140759 P1140760P1140760 P1140761P1140761 P1140762P1140762 P1140770P1140770 P1140791P1140791

  • Yes indeed, we saved all of the bottle caps of the beers that were consumed while the bike was hosted at Lew's, one day I will count them all.

P1140811P1140811 P1140817P1140817 P1150204P1150204 P1150205P1150205

P1150210P1150210 P1150211P1150211 P1150213P1150213 P1150214P1150214 P1150216P1150216 P1150218P1150218 P1150221P1150221 P1150222P1150222 P1150223P1150223 P1150224P1150224 P1150226P1150226 P1150228P1150228 P1150232P1150232 P1150235P1150235

P1150240P1150240 P1150241P1150241 P1150243P1150243 P1150246P1150246 P1150247P1150247 P1150249P1150249 P1150251P1150251 P1150256P1150256

P1150258P1150258 P1150259P1150259 P1150260P1150260

And now on to the Final Assembly - Things are looking up & coming together REALLY nice!

Final Assembly


Good Job!!! but the link of the final assembly is broken :'(
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