The Crossroads

December 23, 2015  •  2 Comments

The Life and Times of Leiser Blitz, a 1977 BMW R100RS          (Part#2)

(previous  Part#1)  Resurrecting Forty


- The Crossroads -

  • Last month (Dec 2014) or so was spent tearing the bike down.  There have been no "real" surprises so far.  Found most bearings in transmission to be quite worn, the final drive splines are about 50% gone.  Right side exhaust was hard to remove, everything pertaining to the right side of the motor has been a bit more difficult than the left.


  • Keep "original" or "restore"?  Or something in between?  As we continue to disassemble and remove components from the bike, it's clear the frame is in need of paint here and there.  Contemplating " rattle-canning" it where needed. So, as soon as parts of the frame get painted, the bike is no longer original - the value diminishes. I am not concerned about the bikes' "value", I will never re-coup what we have put into this project financially and equally important, how much time we invested into this (esp. RJ). More than likely this bike will not ever be for sale (I have not even ridden it, no idea I will even like it).  Still, we are building this bike for "me", not for future resale, so even though keeping it mostly stock (or easily reversible), it will not be 100% original, and I am absolutely OK with that. So, frame, sub-frame, center stand, battery box, are being shipped off to Gettysburg to get powder coated.  Missing from the image are the stock and '81 swingarm we will use on the build.

All Thats Left_smAll Thats Left_sm P1130694P1130694

- The Build Continues -

So while items are being powder coated, we began working on various other components and tore down the motor. Our friend Dan King re-built the forks for us, and helped us quite a bit with the initial engine part inspection, clean-up, "light" cylinder wall honing, piston ring replacement, etc.

  • Inspected timing chain (original, no masterlink), well within spec, looks fantastic, rubber on timing chain tensioner is barely worn
  • Inspected and found 2 cracks on frame near rider footpegs.  Welded to reinforce frame section
  • Rebuilt front forks (Dan King) - 2 hole setup for stiffer dampening with BMW spec oil grade - new fork seals
  • Powder coated frame, sub-frame, center stand, swingarm and modified battery box
  • Remachined final drive gear by Randy Long (worn about 50%)
  • Honed cylinders to remove light surface rust (esp. right cylinder)
  • Cleaned pistons, replaced piston rings
  • Head Work by Randy Long, replaced valve guides, bead blasted heads
  • New rocker arm shims
  • Reinstalled motor core into frame
  • installed front forks (with lower steering yoke)
  • Installed Centerstand with additional bracing (looks so cool)
  • Installed Diode Board with mounting improvement (hopefully eliminating getting into Starter compartment)
  • Installed Starter, modified breather valve cover
  • Reinstalled fork lock
  • Welded and strengthened fairing brace, vinyl protection applied between brace and steering head  
  • Cleaned, sanded, fixed, and painted new "old (1977)" replacement side covers, new 1000cc decals applied
  • Repainted rear fender
  • Re-installed driveshaft (new bearings) into 1981 swingarm
  • Installed 1981 swingarm (a bit beefier)
  • Kinda cool: Previous Owner bought the bike at Miller's Cycle Shop, Palmerton PA, according to a decal on one of the sidecovers.  Since I am freshening up the covers, I called R&D (formerly Miller's) Cycle Shop, spoke with Dave, he will send me a couple of decals which very much look like the Miller decals ....  How cool ....  Look them up, or call Dave @ 610-826-2319
  • Diode Board mounting improvement (hopefully eliminating getting into Starter compartment)
  • Cleaned, repainted Briel Oil Cooler, oil pickup (modified with aluminum bushing), oil pan (new gaskets where necessary)
  • Re-installed subframe
  • New wheel bearings, grease - cleaned orig. spoke pinstripe wheels, mounted both after getting inner tubes and new tires.  
  • Switched stock black grab rail with chromed version (just because I wanted to)


  • Here is a picture of a re-furbished final drive that Lew had shipped off to be re-machined.  I will probably have to do the same ($180 incl. shipping)

P1130862P1130862 P1130863P1130863

  • Below pictures of the original side covers, I will probably moth ball these originals and then freshen up some new ones. Would be cool to somehow duplicate these decals - food for thought


  • So I get on the Intertubes and search for "Miller's Cycle Shop, Palmerton PA" and sure as heck, R & D Power Sports pops up, they even retained the same phone number.  So I called them.  Give my Spiel that I am restoring a bike which has a decal of Miller's Cycle Shop, and if there was anyway that they still might have some old ones laying around.  The person I spoke with replies: "I don't think we have any old ones laying around, but ours are almost identical in color and size."  I politely asked if he would mail me a couple of them (I offered to pay which was declined), and about a week later I had a couple of very similar decals in my mailbox.  How cool!  I will have to visit this shop sometime.


  • Later I also sourced the AMA Theft Reward Decal ($200) in just about pristine condition ... so I had to get that as well.

P1130867P1130867 P1130868P1130868

  • Plenty of vices hard at work!


  • This bin of BMW random nuts, washers and bolts came in so handy on so many occasions, thank you Lew for providing that invaluable resource.

P1130876P1130876 P1130877P1130877

  • Yeah, I think that gear got a few nibbles on it.

P1130878P1130878 P1130879P1130879 P1130882P1130882 P1130886P1130886 P1130887P1130887

  • Ok I'm sorry, but THAT is just disgusting ...  what in the heck is this?


  • Great shot here (sadly terribly out of focus) but still clearly shows the worn splines on the Final Drive. So after 61k miles, appear to be about 50% gone. Previous owner was known to ride pretty hard, 80k is probably as far as these can be safely pushed. (IMHO). I will have this shipped out and re-furbished, like Lew did with his in the pictures above.


  • For New Years we stopped wrenching early, had a good dinner and just hung out with cigars and a few cold beers. 

P1130892P1130892 P1130894P1130894 P1130895P1130895 P1130896P1130896 P1130904P1130904

  • And so 2015 arrives ... This year should be huge, planning on having this bike ready for the 41st annual Finger Lakes BMW rally where the previous owner will get to see "his" bike again.  We are having so much fun meeting up for these weekend builds.  RJ and Lew are often meeting up when I can't be there due to work or other conflicts. We have developed a cool dynamic, one of three brothers working together.  RJ being the oldest constantly having to keep Lew and I in check, as we are constantly goofing off, messing with each other all in good fun of course.


  • Found these side covers on eBay, date stamped as '76, so perfect vintage!  I will spruce these up a bit.


  • Moving on to take a look at the heart of this beast ....  the bike was parked since 1981, so we have no idea on it's running condition. 

P1130943P1130943 P1130944P1130944

  • Nothing too surprising really, four years and 61000 hard miles will leave a mark somewhere!

P1130946P1130946 P1130947P1130947 P1130948P1130948

  • Stock heavy duty flywheel!  RJ and I had about a 2 second discussion of going with the lightened flywheel - 'Yeah. we're not doing that!" -LOL-  

P1130953P1130953 P1130954P1130954 P1130955P1130955 P1130956P1130956 P1130958P1130958 P1130961P1130961

  • In conjunction with tearing down the motor, a good friend and airhead enthusiast Dan King re-built the forks for us.  

P1130951P1130951 P1130952P1130952

  • Dan also helped us with some of the initial engine parts inspection, carbon build-up removal, "light" honing of the cylinder walls (rust removal), installation of new piston rings, etc.

P1130962P1130962 P1130966P1130966 P1130968P1130968 P1130974P1130974 P1130975P1130975 P1130978P1130978 P1130980P1130980 P1130982P1130982 P1130983P1130983 P1130984P1130984 P1130995P1130995 P1130999P1130999 P1140002P1140002 P1140003P1140003

  • Gotta tend to the side covers a bit, as often with purchasing from eBay, items look a bit better than what you'd expected them to. It is what it is, certainly fixable. Used the Dremel tool to widen the cracks a bit, then used Marine Epoxy to fill it back in. 

P1140010P1140010 P1140011P1140011 P1140012P1140012 P1140013P1140013 P1140014P1140014 P1140015P1140015

  • Low cost rattle can paint booth.  Lew was not pleased about my use of non-BMW approved paint. We joked around about this quite a bit, he always made sure to point out that he would NEVER have done it, had it been his bike.  I think it's hilarious and actually turned out looking nice.  

P1140375P1140375 P1140383P1140383 P1140384P1140384

IMG_8115IMG_8115 IMG_8116IMG_8116 IMG_8117IMG_8117 P1140385P1140385 P1140386P1140386 P1140387P1140387

  • Time to reassemble the swingarm.  RJ will also make his own tools to make life easier as it pertains to working on airheads.

P1140409P1140409 P1140411P1140411 P1140412P1140412 P1140413P1140413 P1140415P1140415

  • Upon RJ's recommendation we purchased a serviceable beefier swingarm (1981), had it (and the original) powdercoated with the remainder of parts we had shipped off.  

P1140416P1140416 P1140419P1140419 P1140420P1140420 P1140422P1140422

  • Yummy, pepperoni left over from New Years neatly tucked away among the other bags of parts.  Time to begin putting some of the motor back together and set it into the frame.  RJ used anti-seize on just about every bolt and gasket on this bike.  I mean he used it religiously, not one bolt didn't get a bit of "Schmutz" on it.

P1140423P1140423 IMG_8121IMG_8121 IMG_8122IMG_8122 P1140425P1140425 P1140428P1140428

  • While RJ worked on the bike, Lew and I were often goofing off.  Yes, Lew licked my timing chain!

P1140429P1140429 P1140432P1140432 P1140436P1140436

  • We often referred to the various technical reference manuals for torque and misc other specs.  Rarely did we refer to it for "How does THIS go back together"? Lew and RJ are equally talented in that regard, they know these machines in and out!  What a resource to have!

P1140440P1140440 P1140441P1140441 P1140446P1140446

  • So: Whom do you know in the airhead riding community that has eaten a slice of day old pepperoni off of the timing chain bearing pulley?


  • Liberally applying Schmutz!




  • RJ diligently cleaned every square millimeter of this transmission!  It has gone through his sink and bathtub!

P1140525P1140525 P1140531P1140531 P1140535P1140535


Continue on to Part#3 - The Assembly



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