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Hall Pass

June 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last nights regatta race was stunning.  The sky provided us with a light show rarely seen (not in the form of lightening, just some dark skies, yet sun still shining through).  The race was decent, crew displayed some incredible athleticism on the balance beam.  Three separate Spinnaker deployments, all went well until Hall Pass forced us into an obstruction, which of course is frowned upon by fellow racers and sailors.  That dampened the mood a bit, had a decent finish, some good beer and then prepped the boat for a possible rating change.  Here are a few pictures ...

IMG_0538IMG_0538 IMG_0585IMG_0585 IMG_0588IMG_0588 IMG_0603IMG_0603 IMG_0607IMG_0607 IMG_0618IMG_0618 IMG_0644IMG_0644 IMG_0645IMG_0645 IMG_0666IMG_0666 IMG_0710IMG_0710 IMG_0717IMG_0717 IMG_0773IMG_0773 IMG_0823IMG_0823     


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