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January 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This past weekend the website for voyage Charters went LIVE!  Very excited about this, the majority of photos on the site were taken by me, what a great opportunity that was.  If you ever get the chance, visit the British Virgin Islands!  Even better, sail to the various islands, it is beautiful there!  Ask for Susan if interested in booking a charter with voyage, a first rate outfit!  Voyage catamaran's are beautiful boats, they sail well, are quite fast!  Check out the new website, you will see images like these:

British Virgin Islands

Out of the ShadowOut of the ShadowPelican's flight path, right in front of my dinghy

Frenchmans CayFrenchmans CayLittle fishing boat, Frenchmans Cay, BVI

_DSC1787_DSC1787Casual Model Shoot, BVI


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