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On the Cover!!!

October 08, 2013  •  2 Comments

I am quite excited about the following recent development:

A Whalehead image I call the "Early Years" has been chosen to be on the book cover of a mystery novel called "Murder On The Hoof", written by Kathryn O'Sullivan.  This is one of my early HDR sequences, it was taken before Hurricane Noel destroyed the Osprey's nest, which is visible on the far left chimney.   


Early YearsEarly Years


This book is a sequel to "Foal Play" which is already in print.


Foal PlayFoal Play


David Rotstein, Executive Art Director, St. Martin's Press, contacted me in August 2013, to discuss the possibility of using the image "Early Years" which he came across on Redbubble. 

David indicated that there would be some significant image alteration which I wanted to ensure would not desecrate the Whalehead in any way. David submitted a crude mock up with the proposed changes (below) which made me chuckle, especially the following quote by David: "The horse on the horizon is of course very poorly executed".  The horse looks great compared to the bush on the left!


Mock UpMock Up


Then lastly David presented the final edits that were presented to the author and editor - which were accepted!


Final EditFinal Edit

I think it looks fantastic .....

To see my other Whalehead images, please follow this link:


I finally got to meet Kathryn O'Sullivan at a recent book signing in Bethesda, here are some images:







Kathryn O'Sullivan(non-registered)
I am thrilled that St. Martin's Press chose your work for the cover of my book and have "Whalehead in Evening Light" in my office to inspire me. Can't wait to return to Corolla for a visit in December.
Elsie Smith(non-registered)
Andy, wow, am so glad that your photo was chosen; it's spectacular
and an excellent representation of your work.
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