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So I decided to head to a "new" rally, the 17th Annual Laurel Highlands BMW Riders Campout.

Steph joined me, she literally just returned from Normandy, France, flew to Dullus, took and Uber home and then came to my house. The goal was to make Rob's birthday, which we did with 5mins to spare! Nothing like being greeted by fellow Party Riders with shot glass filled to the brim to toast Rob's b-day and being guided to the rally site. Some others had obviously already enjoyed libations, as was evident by one individual falling into another's shelter.
The rally is held at the Pioneer Park Campground near Somerset PA, and as such offers some nice scenic riding. The campground is dominated by RV's, features a pool and some decent campsites, with fire pits and picnic tables for each 2-3 campsites. Covered shelter with picnic tables is available, nice for when the weather goes south or a bike needs to be wrenched on. Facilities were great, clean and functional as one would expect.

The Rally staff was extremely friendly, courteous and capable, sadly we rolled in too late to enjoy the Dump Stew, but we did find one hot dog floating around sauerkraut and even found a roll. Hey - I was hungry! Steph took a pass - this food has been sitting out for hours. Saturday morning there were donuts and strong coffee. There was a presentation by a rep from SkyMed. Good presentation, like with any insurance, probably don't realize how useful it could be until you actually had to use it.
Went to the Flight 93 Memorial, my second time here, so sad and somber, I listened to some of the voice and answering machine recordings folks on the plane were leaving for loved ones. Truly heart breaking. We will never know what all these brave souls prevented from happening.
Steph and I met up with RJ and Rob at a Mexican Restaurant, then got some beer and headed to the campground, visited with Don, Roger and Soft Luggage until it was time for dinner, which was absolutely fantastic. Then it was time for door prizes, of which I won a couple (and inherited a couple more).
Party Rider Frank called a meeting upon which the 191's ascended to chosen picnic table.
Sunday Steph and I had an uneventful, spirited ride home. Great rally.

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