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Marty Gutoski & Sherry Fishman(non-registered)
We are getting "The Guiding Light" #50......Like to know if it can be larger then 24 by 36...
Ally Raymond(non-registered)
Excellent work, always! I enjoy his art in my home, and he's a great guy to boot!!!
Arundel Volunteer Fire Department(non-registered)
The Arundel VFD would like to thank Andy for coming out to our 7th annual car show. The expressive creativity captured is amazing and appreciated. We hope to see you at our future events.

Thank You
Hi André,
just took a look at your photoes - the one with the sunflowerfield (1-Sep-2012) is just great!
Take care.
Jürgen Schimmer(non-registered)
Hallo Andreas, gestern in Eckernförde haben wir uns kurz kennengelernt. Du hast ja super Kameras und kannst damit auch ganz tolle Bilder machen, bist halt ein Profi.
Wirklich super Bilder auf Deiner Seite.
Zuhause werde ich mir Deine Seite nochmal genauer ansehen.Ich hoffe, Ihr habt noch eine schöne Zeit in Dänemark und da wirst Du wohl wieder fantastische Bilder machen, ich freue mich schon, diese hier auf Deiner Homepage betrachten zu können, liebe Grüße auch an Deine liebe Mutter. Jürgen und Gisela.
Hallo Andy(non-registered)
Petra & Ich haben uns heute ein wenig auf deinen Seiten umgesehen, super Bilder, super Seiten.
Ich hoffe wir sehen uns mal.
Grüße aus Norddeutschland
Petra & Jörn
Uli Landeck(non-registered)
Hi Andreas,
Every time I am looking at your pictures I am amazed about your creativity.
The colors and objects are just breathtaking.
Keep up the excellent work my friend.
Ray Glines(non-registered)
Wow, you are talented! Nice to know a IT person not so stero-typical nerdy!
I'll be sending this link to others that I know will appreciate your work as well.

Great website!
Ronald Gajda ( NRW- Germany )(non-registered)
Hello Andreas, greetings from over the ocean,

we´ve been told by Manfred about your activities in photography, now- having seen your
work- wow- that´s really something !

First- an outstanding site , tasty and perfectly presented ! Congratulation ! Hope, this will
find it´s way - and for you : Success, success, success ... you deserve it !

Zweitens :
Ganz herzliche Grüße an Dich von Brigitte und mir !
Fine Art Prints by Andreas Mueller
So on June 13th, the restored B-17G called Liberty Belle was destroyed while an engine caught fire in flight, forcing the crew to complete what appeared to be a perfect emergency landing in a cornfield near Oswego, Ill. All personnel evacuated the aircraft without incident/injury. Sadly, muddy conditions prevented the fire department from reaching the blaze. The plane was a total loss. A few days ago, the Director of the National Airline History Museum contacted me, asking if they could use an image of mine for a publication to honor the Liberty Belle. I gladly obliged and sent them a few more images, which will be published in July! So, it appears that I have reached another personal milestone with my photography, I can now say that my work has been published.
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